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      • How did you send the goods?

        hell,We provide door-to-door delivery and logistics services

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        We are just the delivery,Provide approaches to transfer/Pay treasure/WeChat and bank card transfer, etc. A variety of ways。

      • It can be customized production?

        hell,You can,Need you to provide samples or detailed drawings。

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        Through the national machinery safety certification

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      Male machinery co., LTD is located in taizhou day“The countryside of China mold and die”Zhejiang huangyan temple industrial park,The company has advanced production equipment and a number of in domestic hydraulic industry with rich design、Manufacturing experience of senior engineers and excellent technical personnel,Is specialized is engaged in the mould clamping machine and all kinds of hydraulic equipment production and sales of manufacturers。 Day male company produces the series products haveTXVertical reverse moulding machine、Moulding machine、As well as a variety of tonnage open、Closed type hydraulic press。TXSeries vertical moulding machine is the main products the company designed and developed,This product is mainly used in all kinds of plastic moulds、Metal die-casting mould and replacement。Both save Labour、To save time,And improve the working efficiency and precision mold。The company's products absorb the essence of similar products at home and abroad,Injected new connotation for the product,Technology in the domestic and foreign counterparts in a leading position。 The high quality、High demand、High quality、High efficiency is our tenet;Customer satisfaction is our goal;Made of professional products and professional technology is our philosophy。

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